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Kid Print Solutions
"The Child ID Experts"
When you want to demonstrate your appreciation to your customers
and employees or when you host a company event  or anniversary,
Kid Print Solutions Child Safety Day is the most powerful promotional
service  to advertise your business and reach out to the community.
Kid Print Solutions Child Safety event also makes a perfect addition to
your grand opening plan or sales event!!!

Hosting a KPS Child Safety Day will:

•        Meet Branding Needs
•        Increase Client Retention
•        Drive Customer Action
•        Build Public Trust
•        Promote Loyalty to the Community
•        Give Peace of Mind
•        Increase Foot-Traffic and Profits

As a Host you will benefit by having the community gather at your
location for the Child ID Event and enjoy the "foot traffic" that it

Your logo will prominently appear on every ForensicPrint Child ID Kit
that is produced and given to parents reminding them of your

Child ID Day Event Overview:

On the day of the event Kid Print Solutions professional staff will come
to your business location and set-up the child ID work area.

KPS will fingerprint and digitally photograph children who participate.

Parents immediately receive a  3-fold ForensicPrint Child ID Kit,
featuring  fingerprints, digital photograph, personal and identifying
information, dental chart and DNA self-collection instructions.
* Custom Imprinted with your logo

* Fingerprints of all 10-fingers!!

*Full Color Digital Photo!!

*DNA self collection kit!!

*Medical information such as blood
type,  medication.

*Physical information including height,
weight, eye color, and hair.

*Dental Chart to be completed by  
child's dentist!!

*Events are fast, easy and fun
Introduction to The Child ID
2,000 Children Will Be Reported Missing Today!!!
Thats One Missing Child Every 40 Seconds!!!
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